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Excellence in providing tailor-made marketing solution.

China’s rapid growth is unheard of. Everything is fast in China. To stay on top of it, what you need is a dedicated team who will provide you at once with all its collective resource and expertise.

Iki’s strength lies in its ability to promptly put together the right team of experts and help you achieve your mission beyond your expectations.

Because every case is unique, iki offers a one-stop shop from which you can pick your very own solution built thanks to IKI’s collective intelligence of its broad network of seasoned experts.

icon_sp Branding and Promotions

“How do you represent your company and product? “

Picking the appropriate media and channels to successfully deliver your message to each of your target customers is paramount. IKI provides ad hoc solutions to help you reach your target. IKI upgrades your company to the next level.

Overall Design

Integration of CI/VI, Development of KV Design, Graphic Design, 3D Perspective, Animation, Product Design, Product Packaging etc.

Planning/Design of Space Concept

Facility for Factory Inspection tour, Show Room, Shop Design etc.

Planning/Management of Exhibition

Planning of Exhibition Design including set-up and its management

Planning/Management of Promotion and Event

Various Event, Road Show, Agent Meeting etc.

Assistance in Retail Shop

Designing and Set-up, Event, Floor Coordination, Tasting and Sampling etc.

IT Strategy

SNS, Planning of Affiliate, Set-up Website, Developing APP etc.

Planning /Producation of Novelty Goods

Producation of Promotion goods, Eco-Novelty, Original Goods etc.

Visual Image of Branding

Company Introduction, Visual image for Exhibition, Agents Meeting and Employee etc.

ソーシャルマーケティング Social Marketing

Social marketing awareness is growing in China as well.
The assessment of Social Marketing will be paramount for future business strategy and communication tools with consumers. We suggest specific plans to make Social Marketing stands out in your products and services.

Planning/Management for Social Marketing

Event, Campaign, Web&SNS etc.

Marketing for Kids

Specialized Planning for Kids & Family, Planning of a Picture Book, Panning of Company Mascot etc.

Visual Image Production for Environment/CSR

Company Introducation, Training, Factory Envrionment Assessment etc.


Environment Assessment, CSR Analysis, and other reserch

Training/Education for CSR

CSR, Compliance with the law, Diversity and Other Specific area

Matching/Coordination Management

Alliance with Company, Government, NGO&NPO etc.

Support for BOP Business

Research on BOP, Business Alliance

CSR report

Production of CSR Report, Brochure

マーケティングリサーチ Marketing Research

We provide assistance in data collection and analysis to make valuable recommendations for improvements. IKI’s strength is in our customized planning fine tuned over 10 years market experience in China including B2B, and B2C opportunities. Aside from Greater China and Japan, we also covers Southeast Asian markets such as Vietnam. (*Please enquire for other markets)

Overall Research

Market Trend, Market Analysis, Observation, Competition Check etc.


Customized Research based on your product, size and duration, such as strategy on Sales & Marketing, Distribution Channel, Finance, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Environment Assessment, Listing Benchmark company in requested area etc.

Consumer Research

【Qualitative Research】 FGI, Field Survey etc
【Quantitative Research】 Web Research, CLT, Catch-up Research, Mystery Shopping, Home Use Test etc

Feasibility Study

Company Matching, Expansion Consulting, Test Marketing etc.

Environment Assessment Research

legal compliance, Factory Assessment, Analysis of Environment Business Market etc.

Research on Packaging

Industry Research, Credit Research, Application of POS Data etc.

icon_education Training and Seminar

Employees are your most important resource. It is both a challenge and an opportunity to find talent and to keep them. We provide specific training programs to inspire talents, in line with your company culture.

Producation of Visual Tools

Basic to Application for Sales Skill, Orientation for New Staff, Factory Management, Training for Shopkeepers, E-Brochure of product, Product Introduction, Sales Promotion etc.

Customized Training

Training Scheme for basic level to management level for staff management and sales, Improvement of Internal Communication, Team Building etc

Training for Factory Management

Response to Strike, Improvement of Communication etc.

icon_movie Visual Images

Visualization is a powerful marketing tool. A picture paints a thousand words.
We support production of various visual tools for Branding, Education Tool, Social Communication.

Production of Branding Image

Company Introduction, Image for Exhibition and Agent Meeting, Image for Employee etc.

Producation of Animation

Visual Image for Kids, Producation of Cartoon with Copmany mascott etc.

Training Tool

Training for New Employee/Factory Staff,/Sales Representative/Shop Keeper, Production of E-Catalogue etc.

Visual Image for Environment

Visual Image for CSR, Environment Assessment etc.

About us

Company IKI.CO.,LTD.
Address iki_img9A Long Life Mansion, No.1566, YanAn West Road, Changning District,
Shanghai 200052, P.R.China
TEL +86-21-5240-0771
FAX +86-21-5240-0772
Established 1/7/2005
Capital 140,000 US$
Management KUNIZO IKAI(President)
MAYUMI IKAI(General Manager)

Graduated from Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.
After a backpacking trip in Asian counties during her university days, she became interested in Asian countries, also became more aware of her Asian heritage.

She had the opportunity to see a rocket launch when she worked in the rocket related department at JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), where she was impressed with its persistent challenges and the skill.
After her stint with JAXA she joined JICA(Japan International Cooperation Agency) as a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers to broaden her horizons as an individual.

In 2001-2003, as a member of environment education, she joined in activities by the local governments and NGOs/NPO to promote the protection of marine life including the sea turtles and mangroves in Kenya. She spent time with local people who are strong and big-hearted even struggling with poverty. That experience has enriched her sense of value.
After she came back to Japan, she came upon one book titled “ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF IDIOCY” which led her to join the project “Think the Earth”.

In July 2005, she established a marketing company with her father in Shanghai, China. Without any knowledge of the Chinese language nor network, she built up the business in China. Ever since, she lives in China which is full of energy and diversity.

She enjoys the exchange of new ideas with people in China, and is currently working on realizing of Social Marketing.

She is a member of “Think the Earth” to promote its project.

In her private life, she devotes herself to raise her children under multilingual environment.

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